FTX Logistics Supports Local Charity Appeal

The wife of FTX staff member John Rodell is raising money for her place of work, Salisbury District Hospital. The Stars Appeal benefits all areas of the Hospital which is currently on the Wiltshire front line during the Covid-19 Pandemic. This is Lynn’s story:

Hi, I am Lynn Rodell

I have worked on A&E at Salisbury District Hospital for the last 15 years and am seeing Coronavirus most days when I work.

In April next year I am going on a 100km trek to Petra in Jordan over 6 days raising money for Salisbury District Hospital’s charity – The Stars Appeal. I am personally paying just over £2,000 to go on the Trek but I also have to raise at least a further £1,650 for the Stars Appeal.

My main fund-raising event on 2nd May, was cancelled due to Coronavirus, but I have just run a Raffle, getting more than 50 prizes from many Salisbury and local businesses, which has raised £800.

When you are clapping for the NHS on Thursday night, perhaps you would also like to provide some financial support to your local hospital right now via my JustGiving page at If you want to make an offline donation, I can also get it to the Stars Appeal directly. 

Anything you donate goes immediately to the projects that most need it. So, you can feel sure that you’re already helping our hospital meet its greatest challenge ever. Thank you!