RLC Sailing Regatta, Seaview 2022

Three FTX Sponsored Reserves recently won the best Reserves boat category at the RLC Sailing Regatta. 

The competition is run by the RLC from the Seaview Sailing Club on the Isle of Wight, and is sponsored by FTX.

The FTX team was Dougie Fraser, a seasoned sailor, with James Dean and James Walters as crew. James Dean commented that he had volunteered with no experience at all but, after a couple practice sessions the three of them made a well-oiled machine. While they didn’t necessarily win many races, they were consistently gaining points which, ultimately, gave them the trophy.

Expressing his thanks to his team mates, James said, “We never expected to win but it goes to show the teamwork and effort the lads in FTX can utilise when together not only in the workplace but in sports none of us have done before is second to none.”