HET’s take part in National Armed Forces Day

Last weekend our HETs were on display at Armed Forces Day in Salisbury.  HET 089 stood proud on the KBR area and then the Squadron had HETs 16 & 23 for the parade and for visitors to climb into. 

As Salisbury was holding the national event, it was a fun packed 3 day pageant!  On Friday Richard Card and Andrew Barrie from KBR were there for the opening. The afternoon was aimed at serving military personnel with a family barbeque.  Saturday was the main day and 27,000 people attended, including many  of us from FTX Bulford with our families.

It was a fantastic weekend which brought many visitors to the area and was a great showcase for our truck! 

If you attended, send in your photos of the HETs, we would love to see them.