KBR Continues to Deliver for UK MOD under Aspire Defence Joint Venture


Since 2003, KBR has been working to make soldiers’ lives better through the upgrade of the UK Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) Salisbury Plain and Aldershot Army garrisons. Project Allenby/Connaught is a 35-year contract held by KBR and its partner, Carillion, with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO). It is the largest infrastructure private finance initiative contract ever awarded by the MOD—an example of private sector expertise delivering high quality public services.

KBR’s joint ventures under Aspire Defence have been upgrading the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD)’s Salisbury Plain and Aldershot Army garrisons since 2003.

KBR and its partner, under the joint venture ‘Aspire Defence’, are  responsible for managing the existing Army estate across the Salisbury Plain Training Area and at Aldershot, including provision of a full range of facilities management services, as well as overseeing the design, consent, demolition, new build, and refurbishment of garrison buildings for Project Allenby/Connaught. KBR’s work has provided essential upgrades and enhancements to the environments in which soldiers live and work. Now, soldiers at Allenby/Connaught enjoy modern living and technical accommodation for thousands of personnel, including new leisure, health and education facilities for military and civilian use.

Project Allenby/Connaught has become a model for successful public-private partnerships and has won numerous industry awards for its accomplishments. All new buildings completed under the first decade of Allenby/Connaught were awarded an “Excellent” rating in BREEAM assessments, the world’s leading sustainability assessment, and all refurbishments as “Very Good”. The first wave of construction under this project was successfully completed in 2014 with a superior safety performance.

Project Allenby/Connaught is providing modern living and technical accommodation for thousands of military and civilian personnel.

In 2016, Aspire Defence’s management services won the Public Sector Sustainability Magazine’s “Best Water Management Project 2016” following surveys of nearly 500 MOD buildings on Salisbury Plain. Under an innovative water conservation program carried out by Aspire Defence, significant water savings on garrisons were identified – equating to 1.5 million showers or over 880,000 baths.

This latest accolade builds on Aspire Defence’s long-standing and successful conservation record. In 2015, the partnership won the Sanctuary Sustainability Project Award and the Sustainable Business Award. It also received the Public Sector Sustainability Energy Award Commendation for Best Energy Management 2015 because of its reported 47% recycling rate which, along with re-processing of non-recyclables, has led to zero waste from garrisons sent to landfill.

In late 2016 Aspire Defence was awarded a significant contract variation, expanding services to be provided under the existing Allenby/Connaught contract for the Army Basing Programme – a series of unit moves within the UK and the withdrawal of troops from Germany to the Salisbury Plain training area in 2019.  The contract variation, with a total value for the joint venture of approximately $1.4 billion USD, calls for construction and program management services and facilities maintenance across the garrisons.

Project Allenby/Connaught has become a model for successful partnerships and has won numerous industry awards for its accomplishments.

“This award is indicative of KBR’s success over the past ten years improving accommodations and working facilities for the UK military through Allenby/Connaught. We will continue to successfully deliver on this significant project and look forward to further growing and strengthening our enduring relationship with the UK military,” said Stuart Bradie, KBR President and CEO.

Under the terms of the change order, KBR, as part of the Aspire Defence joint venture, will design and build an additional  129 buildings over the next four years. Once completed, these new buildings will be included within the existing estate for which KBR and its partner are responsible, providing operational support and facilities management for a further 25 years to contract end in 2041. The types of services range from catering and cleaning to technical stores management and tailoring of uniforms; from the provision of transport to administration support.

KBR is proud to continue supporting this project alongside our partners and the UK Ministry of Defence with many more successful milestones along the way.