KBR Provides Unmatched Responsiveness to U.S Army in Europe

KBR has been the go-to contractor to the United States Army Europe (USAREUR) for combat and combat service support since constructing Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo in 1999 under the Balkans Support Contract (BSC). Now operating under Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) IV, KBR continues to support the U.S. military’s mission throughout the region.

For the past three years, the US military has been a growing presence in Poland.  The Army views Poland as the strategic hub from which friendly forces can move with speed in the event of a crisis along NATO’s eastern edge. KBR has played a key role in helping to facilitate the Army’s expanding presence.

In 2016, KBR supported Anakonda 2016 exercise, a short duration exercise in Poland which was one of the USAREUR’s premier multinational training events.

Recently KBR was tasked with providing a 1,000-person turnkey base camp in Powidz, Poland, which was deployed by USAREUR along with the Polish Ministry of National Defence, Allied Forces, and NATO. The camp will be used for reception, staging, and onward movement integration (RSOI) and is a key component of a deterrence and defense strategy for Eastern Europe.

Following the removal of two very large underground military bunkers from the field, KBR worked closely with subcontractor Alaska Structures, Inc to complete set-up and construction of the living support facilities. In addition to 75 housing units, shower and latrine facilities, three dining facilities and containerized kitchen units, the camp also includes a gym facility, morale, welfare and recreation facility and USO facility. The camp was completed and set up in less than 18 days.

“One critical area required of all KBR personnel and our subcontractors is to never lose focus on safety and quality through each phase of a project,” said KBR Task Order 0010 Manager William Green. “We completed Powidz LSA in record time; providing a safe living space for our troops.”

The KBR LOGCAP IV team is currently providing services in support of Saber Guardian 17, a USAEUR-led annual multinational military exercise involving approximately 25,000 military personnel from over 20 participating nations. The exercise is taking place throughout 17 sites in four European countries and is designed to build readiness and interoperability under a unified command executing a full range of military missions to support the security and stability of the Black Sea Region.