KBR’s GS International HSSE Director visits FTX Logistics

Mike Acuna, KBR’s GS International HSSE Director visited FTX Logistics on Wed 13 July with Laura Holley Head of HSSE GS EMEA.  It was Mike’s first time at Bulford having taken over the position 10 months ago.  Following a briefing on the Fasttrax contract and how FTX deliver the Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET) capability, including a snap shot of the FTX H&S Campaigns and Bulletins, he visited the Bulford Depot Workshop and met Neil Sanderson’s Maintenance team including contractors Rob Brittle and Martin Hardy.  The visit conclude with Mike driving one of the Oshkosh 1070F HET tractors.


Mike made the following statement prior to departing …. “If my son was a truck driver, I’d want him working here”…. This was in recognition of the high safety standards and procedures that FTX employees adopt.  Safety must remain at the forefront of everything we do.