1. Presidents Award from RoSPA for FTX

    Presidents Award from RoSPA for FTX

    FTX Logistics is proud to announce that we have been awarded the Presidents Award for Health & Safety: RoSPA Presidents Award Medal (10 consecutive Golds) Congratulations to all Employees!

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  2. More Senior Drivers Appointed

    More Senior Drivers Appointed

    In the summer of 2018, FTX Logistics has appointed five new Senior Drivers from our current workforce as part of our employee progression programme. All are experienced HET drivers, who applied for a more senior position. They were interviewed and assessed as the Senior Driver vacancies were becoming available. Their new role has various elements,…

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  3. Blown away (literally!) at the DVD show 2018

    Blown away (literally!) at the DVD show 2018

    DVD show 19/20 September 2018 The DVD show (Defence Vehicle Dynamics) was held at the Millbrook Proving Ground on a windy Wednesday and Thursday. This event is held every two years and is for the defence industry to showcase equipment and technology used to support the UK land forces. FTX logistics was represented by Ian…

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  4. Bring a Pound to Work Day

    Bring a Pound to Work Day

    Friday 28th September 2018 was the local charity fundraiser  “Bring a Pound to work day”. Organised by local radio station Spire FM the day aims to raise money for Salisbury District Hospital’s MRI scanner appeal. FTX Logistics took part and raised £50.00. Thanks to Georgie & Tom Hatherall for collecting the funds both in Wing…

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  5. FTX Logistics Launch Zero Harm Day

    FTX Logistics Launch Zero Harm Day

    FTX Logistics launched Zero Harm day and the 2018 Health and Wellbeing campaign on Wednesday 21st February with a group photo at Bulford Camp. All staff will receive a thought provoking presentation this year. Campaigns, publications and advice will also be available on the FTX website throughout 2018.

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  6. Successful Completion of Escort Training course

    Successful Completion of Escort Training course

    The first three FTX employees have successfully attended and passed the City & Guilds L2 – Certificate of Competence in Abnormal Loads- Escort Driver as a part of their development within FTX Logistics. Phil Hornsby, Dave Purvis & Tony Hardy attended the three day training package, which involved the completion of the Pre-Course study pack…

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  7. Dan Burnand 19 TK TPTR Squadron

    Dan Burnand 19 TK TPTR Squadron

    After 6 years serving in the 19 Tk Tptr Workshops Sgt Dan Burnand is on the move. Ian Bryant, Managing Director at FTX Logistics Ltd presented Dan with a watercolour of the HET in theatre and thanked him for the support and effort he has given FTX Logistics during his time at Bulford.  

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  8. 51st Transportation Company

    51st Transportation Company

    US Europe based in Baumholder, Germany Eighteen trucks and trailers are clocking up significant mileage on Exercise to eastern countries including Poland and Lithuania and locally in southern Germany. In April they start a mission to the bottom end of Bulgaria, 4200km one way with the return a couple of days after. During a visit…

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  9. Jason McQuinn supporting SSAFA

    Jason McQuinn supporting SSAFA

    FTX Logistics Instructor, Jason McQuinn is taking part in this year’s Banger Race to raise funds for SSAFA. The theme is Superheroes so Jay’s car is going as Optimus Prime and hoping he will make it all the way to Zagreb in September. All costs and expenses are paid for personally by the Teams so…

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  10. FTX 3rd RoSPA Gold Medal

    FTX 3rd RoSPA Gold Medal

    Sarah Evans FTX Compliance Manager received FTX’s 3rd RoSPA Gold Medal awarded in June 2017. This is the 8th consecutive year that RoSPA have recognised FTX’s acheivements in promoting best practice in Health & Safety.

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