Temporary Drivers Available

Temporary LGV Drivers

Professional, trained LGV Drivers are available for hire on Daily or Weekly assignments.

Our Drivers have been selected and trained to the highest standards. They are trained to operate one of the largest vehicles on the road. Our fleet of Heavy Equipment Transporters (HETs) operating at STGO Cat 3 at a maximum laden weight of 118 tonnes, 23.4M long, up to 4M wide.

Although their prime role is as British Army Reservist, they regularly drive our fleet of HETs but are available for up to a third of their time to drive heavy goods vehicles for commercial Companies. Our Drivers are based throughout the UK and made available through our Availability Portal for booking on line.

All of our drivers attend our award winning recruiting and five year training programme:

  • Full day recruiting process including:

  1. Written assessments on Drivers Hours, Tachograph, Health & Safety, The Highway Code.
  2. On road driving assessment on our articulated training vehicle.
  3. Fitness test – BMI generally in the range 18 – 28 and must not exceed 32.
  4. Interviews one to one to understand previous experience
  • Five day tailored induction.

  • 6 weeks initial training.

  • A minimum of one week training per annum.

    Our drivers all are full-time employees of KBR FTX – we know the quality of what we supply and their availability (they only work for us)

  • Maintaining client standards

    The right image for your business  – fully uniformed, trained and issued with PPE.