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The Army Element

Administration Service

There are two elements to our Non Operational Service: Both vehicles & SRs have to meet Readiness KPI’s. Delivering Armour and Heavy Equipment for the MoD in peace time in the UK and Germany meeting the MoD’s equipment transportation requirements.

Operational Service

Provides Sponsored Reservists and Vehicles to the MoD for Operations where the HETS are deployed

During Operational Service the MoD may call up HET Vehicles and sufficient SRs to man one third of the vehicles for war fighting or peace-keeping missions.

SRs then become subject to military discipline and work alongside Army regulars. Also during operations, the company supplies vehicle spares as required.

Exercise / Training Service

During Peacetime Army Units call out vehicles and Reservists to undertake training Exercises under their Command and control.

All SRs are required to undertake annual training with their affiliated Unit to maintain a Reservist status. Training may be completed during a planned Exercise or Unit training day.

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