Army Reservist

Being an army reservist

All Sponsored Reserves (SR) are required to complete the Common Military Syllabus basic training or transfer from their existing Unit if already serving. Thereafter SRs are required to complete annual training with 19 Tank Transporter Sqn RLC to maintain their Reservist status and be eligible for Reserve Bounty payment. Training is scheduled as part of contracted hours and may be completed during a planned Exercise or Unit training days.

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Developing your strengths

Training exercises are designed to equip employees with the skills required when delivering Heavy Equipment Transport support on operations and exercises.

The focus of these sessions is to improve the military skills of the SRs, to perform to the highest standards when required to support and operate alongside their Regular Army counterparts. The training is delivered by 19 Tk Tptr Sqn and ensures that SRs are fully integrated into the military structure and are able to operate in all conditions.


Training covers the handling and use of weapons. Whilst FTX Operators and Maintainers will perform logistic roles, they may be required to use a variety of weapon systems.


Fieldcraft training equips SRs to be able to live and operate in austere field conditions. It entails living and working in all manner of environments and includes a variety of subjects such as first aid, navigation and personal maintenance.


SRs are required to maintain a satisfactory level of personal fitness to meet the Reserve Army individual training requirements. 


Operating a HET requires strong and effective teamwork.  Military training develops and enhances these skills and enables SRs to effectively fulfill their military role