Commercial driving work

As well as holding a contract to deliver Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET) capability on behalf of the British Army , FTX provides commercial driving work for its drivers and operators. 

Commercial driving work can include driver CPC training, agency assignments and emergency fire teams. This work is carried out when operators are not on assignment to the MoD delivering HETs and other associated vehicles.

The commercial driving aspect to the role at FTX provides our operators with a unique opportunity to expand the types of experiences and skills they will need when driving in a civilian environment. These roles provide variety, excitement and different challenges to those provided by the MoD.

Driver CPC Training

FTX Instructors are qualified to deliver Driver CPC Training. All Operators are CPC trained and in date.

Agency Assignments

FTX Logistics Ltd provides manpower capability for driver agencies close to where Operators live. When Operators are not driving HET, they are made available to drive commercial HGV.

Emergency Fire Crew Training

FTX Logistics provides Fire Crew-trained personnel to support the main contractor of London Fire Brigade in times of urgent demand.

Drivers undergo initial training including “Blue Light” modules and attend annual refresher courses.