Personal stories

Much more than just HGVs

Working for FTX Logistics is a unique experience in everyway. As a company, we offer our employees the opportunity, either driving or maintaining, to work with vehicles like no other.

But we offer a lot more than just the heavy metal! FTX Logistics is a company which prides itself in giving its people a world opportunities and support to go beyond what they might think constitutes an Operator or Maintainer roles. Below are just a few of the personal stories FTX employees have shared about their time working within the organisation and beyond.

My Experience as an FTX Sponsored Reserve

Jonathan joined FTX as an apprentice and has been a fully qualified maintainer for a number of years. He has also taken the opportunity as an Army Reserve to play cricket and, with the support of FTX, pursue his motor racing passion. 

A New Start

Adam joined FTX recently. He was already an Army Reserve but did not have a C+E licence. He is now driving the HET.

Quick Thoughts

Short summaries from a few of our team.