Maintainer work

Maintenance and Repair

Our fleet of 92 Oshkosh 1070F Tractors and 89 KING GTS 100 Trailers are maintained in accordance with DVSA standards . Our teams of Maintainers operate from established workshops in Bulford, Wiltshire and Catterick, North Yorkshire. Maintainers sometimes deploy on larger road moves to provide immediate support.

Skills and Training

As a specialist vehicle, FTX conducts most of its own maintenance and repair. Our Maintainers need to understand the vehicle down to component level.  They join with appropriate qualifications and are given formal teaching and on-the-job training to become fully competent members of the maintenance team.  Additional skills include engine data analysis, welding and electronic management systems.


Our Maintainers are the subject matter experts on the maintenance and repair of the HET. Where required they can take vehicles virtually back to the chassis to effect repairs. This can include full investigation and diagnosis, working with the supply chain and advising supporting agencies.

Our Maintainers deploy with their Regular Army counterparts on Exercise and Operations and are key to maintaining HET operational capability.