HET work

TAsk Delivery

The primary purpose of the HET is to deliver Armour for the British Army in both peacetime and on Operations.  In the UK, FTX Operators, supported by Regular Army Tank Transporter drivers, carry out all heavy equipment movements.


Tank transporting is a complex undertaking. The teams include task supervisors, FTX drivers and, often, Regular Army tank transporter drivers, supported by back-office functions to set up tasks, clear routes and provide administrative support. With 85 Sponsored Reserves, FTX prides itself on being able to treat and support everyone as an individual, enabling them all to give their best for the team.

Reserve Service

When operating outside the UK on Exercises or on Operations, FTX Operators are called up as Reserve Soldiers and work with their Regular Army counterparts. Deployments have included Iraq, Afghanistan and Estonia, with exercises in the Oman and Germany, supporting British Army contingents.