Quick Thoughts

Andy O'Brien

To sum the job up I would have to actually say it is never the same from day to day. As a task supervisor when you leave the depot you are given total mission control over the vehicles and task in hand so it can be either challenging or easy. The job it self is highly satisfying and can be equally frustrating at the same time but if any person asked I could not recommend this job enough from variety in work, travel, conditions in general and the guys you work with and, on a personal note, the way the company looks after you.

Ivan Burns-Barber

I thoroughly enjoy my role at FTX. No two days are ever the same. I feel fully empowered and totally supported by my line managers to carry out my various roles. If I’m honest, I’d have no problem recommending this job to anybody. We get to travel, we get plenty of training, we experience great camaraderie, and we get paid for all this. It couldn’t get much better.