FTX Maintainer Wins Army Touring Car Championship for the Second Time

The Armed forces race challenge season finale was held at Donnington park on the historic GP layout . The opportunity to secure my second drivers’ championship in the FTX logistics sponsored car was still on the cards but looked like an almost impossible task.

The only way to win the title was to score the maximum points available and hope other results went my way. Amazingly, I secured 2 overall wins, giving me the maximum points needed to at least give myself a shot at the title. Once all the official results were checked, counted and checked again, I was crowned the championship winner, beating my closest competitor by only 2 points.

This now means I am the only driver in the history of the armed forces race challenge championship, to be crown champion for a second time, so it certainly feels special. So much work from so many away from the track to make this possible, so I’m absolutely made up to do the business on track and deliver this second title.

I would just like to give everyone at FTX a massive thank you. Firstly, the SMT for continuing this successful racing partnership. It wouldn’t be possible to go racing without the support I have from them. Secondly, to everyone within the company that has attended races, sent support via social media and people on the ground asking how it’s going and wishing me luck.

I can’t wait for the 2024 season and hope to see more of you trackside next year.


Jonathan Candler, HET Maintainer.