FTX win the Defence Road Safety Award for Innovation

Off the back of 13 consecutive RoSPA awards, FTX Logistics Ltd entered the Defence Road Safety Awards 2022.

FTX were awarded the prize for Best Innovation for the installation of the VUE CCTV camera system on our Heavy Equipment Transporters (HET) and support vehicles.

The VUE system allows real-time tracking of the vehicles, enabling planning adjustments after, for example, traffic delays, and instant download of video footage when a driver reports a near miss or incident.

It is invaluable in capturing images of any incidents or near misses, helping to protect our operators from other motorists’ allegations and, as importantly, allowing FTX to study the incident and gather lessons to support safety improvement initiatives.

On 5th October the FTX Operations Director, Mike Holt, and Compliance Manager, Sarah Judkins, received the award at the Defence School of Transport. The award was presented by the Director DHS&EP, Mr David King and Brigadier Jez Sharpe, the Defence Land Safety Regulator.