Skiing and Mountain Biking with FTX

Taking part in various military sports

FTX Senior Driver Barney Howard and HET Operator Lukas Dziecielewski, have recently been taking part in military sport – a great benefit of being Sponsored Reserves.

Barney successfully attended the selection event for the RLC Mountain Biking enduro team for the 2023 season while Lukas took part in Exercise Knees Bend, the RLC Ski Championship. 

RLC enduro team

Barney said:

“On Wednesday the 16th of November, I set off to Cannock Chase forest for an attempt to claim a place on the RLC enduro team.

“I was a bit nervous at first but once I had a practice run felt a bit more at ease. The timed run followed and this is what counted, thankfully I managed a good enough time on both timed runs and came out with a positive result.

“The afternoon was meant to be a more laid back and relaxed trail riding session. However this soon resulted in a pretty fast paced bit of riding.

“All in all a very good day and looking forward to the future and representing the RLC at enduro mountain bike.”

Royal Logistics Corp Alpine Skiing

HET Operator Lukas Dziecielewski says:

“I would like to share my Ski Championship experience with you. I was deployed for the Royal Logistics Corp Alpine Skiing training exercise and competition in Hemsedal, Norway.

“For over 3 weeks we were exercising every day on the snow to improve our Ski ability to be able to perform at our best during the race week.”

Demanding and challenging

“We trained for three disciplines: Slalom, Giant Slalom and Super Giant Slalom. Training was demanding and challenging because the temperature was around -20°c nearly every day.

“Training included race practice as well as PT sessions every other day.

“I participated in all three disciplines with my overall result being 36th. My best performance was Slalom where I came 24th. I also came 3rd in my age category Veteran Reserve in the Slalom.

“I would like to say big thank you for FTX management team for giving me the opportunity to be part of 27 Regt RLC Ski Team.

“I was doing what I love and had a great time, one I would recommend to my fellow FTX colleagues!”