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Who is FTX Logistics Ltd?

FTX Logistics Ltd is a fully owned Operating Company of the KBR Group. We have been providing the UK MoD’s contracted Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET) capability for the past 20 years, on behalf of Fasttrax Ltd.

The company owns 92 military specification Oshkosh tank transporters, working closely with their affiliated regular Army unit, the 19 Tank Transporter Squadron RLC. We provide commercial HET support in the UK and Germany, delivering heavy armour and military support to exercises and operations.

Trained Reservists

FTX provides this capability through the employment of Sponsored Reserves (SR). We’re proud that we were the first commercial employer to be contracted in this manner.

All Operators (Drivers) and Maintainers (Mechanics) are required to be trained Reservists, who are also full time employees of FTX Logistics.

Where you'll be based

Operators can live anywhere in Mainland UK.

They carry out commercial HET tasks from a variety of military locations, delivering amour to destinations such as:

  • Castlemartin Ranges, Pembrokeshire,
  • and Marchwood Port, Southampton.

When not tasked with HET work, spare driver capacity is utilised by third party agencies. This means you’ll be driving C+E HGVs near to your home.

This is a key mechanism, to prevent professional skill-fade and to provide additional revenue generation.

Maintainers are based at either:

  • Ward Barracks in Bulford, Wiltshire, which is the principle operating base,
  • or Marne Barracks in Catterick, North Yorkshire.

There is also a civilian employed capability in Monchengladbach, Germany.

Common Military Syllabus Reserve training programme

Sponsored Reserves are required to be Attested and complete the Common Military Syllabus Reserve training programme. This is unless they are transferring to the company from the Regulars or Reserves.

Reserves have a military commitment of 35 days per year. However, this can significantly increase if there is a requirement to deploy on long exercises or operations.

Usually Reservists complete their training commitment during Drill Nights, weekend exercises and annual camps. This is carried out at additional commitment above their main employment.

As Sponsored Reserves, the commitment to training is met within the main employment with FTX. This means there is no extra loss of evenings, weekends or leave. All Reservists remain eligible for the annual Reserve Bounty payment.

The concept has remained effective throughout the contract, with FTX personnel supporting operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Commitments can also involve the Oman, Germany and more recently with deployments to Estonia.

Looking for skilled HGV drivers

At FTX Logistics, we are always looking for

  • highly skilled commercial HGV drivers,
  • ex-Regular or Reservists from the Army, RN and RAF, with an HGV C+E licence (some with HGV Cat C will be considered for training),

to drive its 118 ton Gross Train Weight STGO Cat 3 trucks.

The HET Tank Transporter is one of the largest vehicles on the road. It also requires highly skilled mechanics to conduct a six weekly inspection and maintenance regime, to fulfil their Operator Licence obligation.

If you have the requisite professional skills, meet the Reserve Army entry standard, and wish to be part of the solution to delivering military strategic capability within a highly motivated, tried and tested commercial team, then this might be an ideal opportunity for you!

Although many SRs are ex-military, enjoying the continued camaraderie whilst working in a commercial organisation, prior military training is not a prerequisite. However, being fit and motivated is!

For further information email, call 01980 667104, or click the button below.